Ramsol Hand Sanitiser Station + Ramsol Alcohol Hand Rub Canister

Ramsol Hand Sanitiser Station + Ramsol Alcohol Hand Rub Canister (RS.RSAHR.22) sold together or separate
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Ramsol Hand Sanitiser Station (Ramsol Alcohol Hand Rub Canister (RS.RSAHR.22), sold together or separate, see below)

Ramsol hand sanitiser station is perfect for high FOOT traffic areas. The unit has been built using sheet steel making it heavy duty and durable for indoor and outdoor use.
Great for so many areas including construction sites and office spaces.

Made for high foot traffic areas
Powered by Ramsol 22 Litre Alcohol Handrub Canister
15,000 Shots
Fully Portable and suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Zero contamination – touch-free operation

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To be used with the Ramsol Alcohol Hand Rub Canister (RS.RSAHR.22)

Ramsol Alcohol Hand Rub is a 70% alcohol-based formula, designed and manufactured to bring fast, reliable and recognised hand sanitisation effective against 99.9% of germs and bacteria. It is delivered through a super fine droplet to ensure consistent coverage to your hands, without over application.

Ramsol Alcohol Hand Rub is designed solely for use in the Ramsol® Sanitiser Stations, this hand sanitiser delivery system was created with high foot traffic areas in mind where speed and volume is critical. This product kills 99% of germs and bacteria and also moisturises your hands.

The system is fully portable with Zero electrics, Zero plumbing, and Zero waste.

Direction For Use:

  1. Connect the canister to the hose that is located inside the Ramsol Sanitiser Station using a shifting spanner.
  2. Turn the valve on top of the canister anti clockwise to fill the hose with the alcohol hand rub.
  3. Always leave the canister on unless you are replacing the canister
  4. The setup is complete

Download Technical Data