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Magic Breed Foal Monitors

Foaling season can mean long hours of supervision and sleepless nights for the breeder who does not have large staff to regularly monitor the near-term foaling mare.

However, there is now a proven system on the market to assist with this problem. 

It has been over 30 years since Magic Breed appeared on ABC television program 'The Inventors', placing second-best invention for the year 1980. That same year it was awarded bronze medal at the 9th international Display of Inventions in Geneva from a field of forty-five entries. 

The foaling monitor consists of a small waterproof battery-operated transmitter enclosed in leather a leather pouch, which is attached to the mares headstall and positioned comfortably under her neck. The transmitter is activated in 8-10 seconds after the mare lies down to foal and a signal is received on a receiver positioned up to some 400 metres distant. With only a headstall to wear, the mare is not conscious that she is carrying a transmitter, and is completely relaxed when she goes down in the foaling position. Bright lights, night watchmen, or unusual noises do therefore not upset the mares. On some larger studs, the night watchmen can wait in comfort until the signal is given instead of continually disturbing the mares. 

Only one receiver is required and any number of transmitters can be used, these being individually coded for each stud. These foaling alarms can be used on any type of horse, from miniature ponies to the largest draught horse. 

This unique foaling device automatically and silently alerts the mare's owner or breeder when the mare lies down and stretches out to commence labour. If the mare is down briefly and then returns to her normal activities, a built-in delay prevents a false alarm being broadcast. At the time of the actual alert the responsible person hearing the audible receiver tone will know that it is time to have the mare under constant surveillance and to be ready to give labour and delivery assistance as necessary. 

What breeder or horse lover can afford not to have the assistance of Magic Breed?

You can avoid stress to your mare and foal, possible financial loss, loss of sleep and unnecessary long hours of supervision by installing Magic Breed.

How does it work?

The basic Magic Breed System consists of two main parts, a Transmitter (attached to the mares bridal) and the receiver (located near the responsible person). 

Magic Breed will then sound alarm when mare goes down and stretches out to commence labour.

Key points 

  • No limitations to number of transmitters used with each receiver.
  • Magic Breed effective range up to 1/4 mile (400 metres).
  • One year guarantee on all parts.
  • Power failure standby battery facility.

Other products

  • Additional pouches
  • Additional transmitters
  • Booster aerials - designed for larger studs and breeding farms where the distance between the transmitter and receiver is greater than 1/4 mile (400 metres)
  • Pagers - to notify other key persons (Stud Manager, Vet etc...)

The aim of Magic Breed is to produce a quality product giving all assistance possible to the equine breeding industry.

The alarm is designed to monitor the foaling of broodmares, which usually occurs at night, while allowing the mare to feed and foal naturally in the paddock or barn.

Place the transmitter in the pouch and attach to the mare's headstall approximately 7-10 days prior to foaling date. Rarely will a mare in this last period of her pregnancy go down and stretch out unless she is sick or in labour.

At the time of the actual alert, the person responsible, hearing the audible receiver tone, will know it is time to have the mare under constant surveillance, and be ready to give labour and delivery assistance if necessary.

For more information or to order a foal alarm, please contact us.


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